Cannabis Technology & Data Specialists.


EXOLIMS Solutions help companies in the Cannabis industry meet analytical and regulatory challenges faced in this fast paced environment.

The world’s leading companies rely on LIMS solutions for a competitive edge, in the Cannabis space the most succesful companies will need to do the same to thrive. EXOLIMS will be your partner and provide the necessary technology solutions and support to ensure you meet all the upcoming relatory needs as they arise.

Our team has over 20 years experiece in the medical and pharamceutical space which now solely focusing on the needs and requirements of the Cannabis market, ensure LP's can control and monitor all aspects of their operations.

Data Analytics


Converting operational data into intelligence and actionable insights!

Data unlocks hidden opportunities and insights. EXOLIMS will turn technology into business outcomes by delivering information management, business intelligence and analytic solutions within your operations into one of your most valuable assets.

Our team will focus on ensuring all aspects of your business processes and operations are measured and ensure a clear roadmap to achieve higher quality, consistency and a competitive edge.

Smart Growing using IoT

The cannabis industry will become very competitive and the need find new way to improve efficiency and increase profitability will be achieved by ensuring the highest quality and consistency.

Using IoT (Smart Sensors) along with advanced analytics growers can quickly control their environment and contineously improve and enhance their operations. Every industry must fine-tune their operations to achieve their business objectives as efficiently as possible.

The challenge for companies is to uncover operational issues to address them accordingly as quickly as possible. The team at EXOLIMS is specialized in extracting data from the grow rooms and other sources. Advanced Data Analysis at this level enables cultivators to track costs, tasks, and conditions for each batch and compare the results to other batches. EXOLIMS converts high-resolution data points from a cultivation business into clear insights so that cultivators can easily make data-informed decisions.





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